DASYLab 2022 Measurement Computing Device Drivers Repair, Modify or Uninstall message

A strange DASYLab MCC-DRV driver situation can occur with multiple versions of DASYLab install on the same computer. Specifically, this applies to DASYLab 2020 and DASYLab 2022 installed on the same computer. If DASYLab 2020 MCC-DRV driver is enabled, trying to enable it for DASYLab 2022 will result in a dialog similar to one below. This is due to confusion on the part of the installation program. The quick solution is to press Cancel and exit the installation program. Then, usingĀ the DASYLab Configurator 2020 utility, disable the Measurement Computing driver, then go back to DASYLab 2022 Configurator and enable it

If you didn't come across this article and ran one of the options from the dialog below, you may be stuck in a situation where the driver is indicated as enabled but there is no Inputs/Outputs>>MCC-DRV DASYLab menu. The solution for this is to simply run the Configurator utility twice. Once to disable the driver and the second time to enable it. But this only works if DASYLab 2020 driver is disabled.

Posted 5/11/2022 9:11:58 AM by Administrator