Simple Analog Output Acquisition Using a Data Translation DT9836 module and MATLAB R2017b

After successfully configuring a Windows system to use a Data Translation DT9836 USB module with MATLAB R2017b (reference KB article -, the following lines were used in a .m script to output single voltage values via the analog output channel.

% Create an analog output session
s = daq.createSession('dt');

% Add an analog output channel using Data Translation’s Open Layers device ID and channel ID (0), 
% with the measurement type set to ‘Voltage’.
ch0 = addAnalogOutputChannel(s,'DT9836(00)', '0', 'Voltage');

% Set the voltage level from the analog output channel to step from 0 to 5 volts
for i=0:5
    aout = i;
    outputSingleScan(s, aout);

% Reset voltage output level
aout = 0;
outputSingleScan(s, aout);

%% Cleanup
delete (s);

Posted 12/13/2017 10:14:09 AM by Fausto