Unable to register Data Translation's DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB (dtol.dll)

Data Translation's DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB (dtol.dll) is supported up to MATLAB R2015b (32-bit version only).  Please download and install version of the DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB from our website.  Also, please download and install the latest release of the Data Acquisition OMNI CD from our website.  Using older versions of the DAQ Adaptor and OMNI CD may prevent the 'daqregister' command from registering 'dtol.dll' on your host system.

On some systems, users may need to run MATLAB 32-bit with full administrator rights, in order to successfully use ‘daqregister’.  To do so, restart MATLAB by right clicking on the MATLAB executable and then select ‘Run as administrator’.

Posted 5/23/2017 6:24:50 AM by Jeff