Continuous analog input scan featuring mixed input signals with the USB-2408/2416

Attached to this article are examples showing some advanced programming features of the USB-2408 and USB-2416

They demonstrate the following:

  • Discover the device without having to use InstaCal.
  • Programmatically set the analog inputs:

    • Channel 0 to Differential, Temperature, user selected TC Type, data rate to 100 Hz, and enable open TC detect.

    • Channel 1 to Single Ended, data rate to 100 Hz

  • Convert the returned data in a 1D interleaved array to a 2D for use by other objects

  • Display the data 3 ways

  • Write the first elements array data to a csv file.


  • InstaCal and Universal library 6.51 or greater must be installed.

  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010 or greater.

  • To run the program, you must have a USB-2408 series or USB-2416 series device.

  • A thermocouple or jumper across CH0H and CH0L.

  • A single ended analog input signal source.

Posted 8/31/2016 12:17:07 PM by Jeff