DASYLab and instruNet devices - more than 8 instruNet channels on worksheet will not save correctly

If you are working with DASYLab V13 or earlier and have more than 8 instruNet channels, the channel settings might not save properly in the DASYLab .dsb worksheet file. 

To fix this, you will need to download and copy a new "Inet.dll" ≥ v13.0.1.183  to the installed DASYLab file location. On Windows 64-bit systems it is  ..\Program Files (x86)\DasyLab 13.0\. On 32-bit Windows systems it is ..\Program Files\DASYLab 13.0\ . Note that earlier DASYLab versions will have the version number in the folder name.

You will need Administrator privileges on Windows 7 or later to replace the file. 

Note: This will replace the the DASYLab driver DLL, not the instruNet system drivers (iNet32.dll). 

To download this file, visit:


It is documented at:


Posted 11/30/2015 4:14:08 AM by CJ