USB-230 Series Specific Example Programs for Unviersal Library

Attached is a set of example programs specific to the USB-231 and USB-234.

Examples include:

  • Analog Input scan background + continuous with ScaleData option,
  • Analog Input scan Foreground option,
  • Software polled AnalogIn displayed to a meter or stripchart controlled by a timer,
  • Digital input and output by Bit and by Port,
  • Analog Output, single point / output scanning.
  • Examples are written for VB.NET and C#.NET (C Sharp).

The example programs listed here use references to MCCDAQ.dll and BERGtools.dll. 
Depending on where you install the example programs, you may need to update these references to successfully build the program.
If you receive a warning or error related to a missing reference, remove the existing reference and add a new one.

To add a new reference, from the Solution Explorer, right-click on References and select Add Reference.... 
- To add the MCCDAQ reference, from the Add Reference dialog box, select the .NET tab, scroll down select 'MCCDAQ API’ and click on the OK button.
- To add the BERGtools reference, from the Add Reference dialog box, select the Browse tab, navigate to the location where you installed the example programs, select ‘BERGtools.dll’ and click on the OK button.

Posted 11/4/2014 8:36:50 AM by Jeff