DAQFlex 3.4 Software Release - What is new?

This FAQ lists what is new, and what issues were fixed, in the DAQFlex 3.4 software release:

New hardware models added:  
  • USB-202
  • USB-205
Issues fixed:
  • FlexTest doesn't work on some platforms when using devices that support AOutScan.
  • DAQFlex should not "unlock" the EEPROM memory locations when programming the Device Capabilities of USB-7204 and USB-7202.
  • USB-1608FS-Plus queue options are not recognized when using AInScanWithQueue example.
  • DAQFlex Firware Spec - remove DEBUG, Add STALL description, correct FPGA config message
  • DAQFlex doesn't always use the correct thermocouple linearization for the USB-2408 series.
  • USB-20x series returns an error for AISCAN:RANGE=, but several examples use this message.
  • Update DAQFlex ReadMe.txt file to add Windows 8 information.
  • DAQFlex appears to put USB-2408 series into an bad state when programming it for temperature. 

Posted 2/18/2014 5:17:43 AM by Brent