NI LabVIEW Temperature measurement for USB-2416 & USB-2408

The ULx temperature example [ULx Acq Temperature Sample] wants to see channels that begin with T for temperature - for example, Dev0/Ti0 for channel 0 temperature. However, when MCC made the USB-2416 and USB-2408 they decided to make the channels begin with A for analog even though it can measure temperature. As a result the ULx Acq Temperature Sample program does not work for these devices. To support customers better this article supplies an example specifically for the USB-2416 and because the USB-2408 is a mini version of the USB-2416 it works for it too.Attached to this article is a simple example that reads four thermocouples. The example can be used to measure both voltage and temperature - just change the channel type in InstaCal. 

Posted 7/26/2013 5:25:28 AM by Administrator