ADAC 5500 Series LabVIEW

The key to getting LabView to work is to copy the proper configuration filesto the proper folder. For an ADAC/5500MF, the proper files to copy are:

  1. $LABVIEW\ADAC-LVi\Pci5500\ADAC-LVi.con
  2. $LABVIEW\ADAC-LVi\Pci5500\ADAC-LVi.ini

The proper destination folder is:

  1. C:\Windows (for Win9x and usually WinXP)
  2. C:\Winnt (for WinNT/2K and sometimes WinXP)

These are both text files. If your Windows folder is 'C:\Winnt', you'll alsoneed to change the third line of the 'C:\Winnt\ADAC-LVi.con' file to:

  • BoardIniFile=C:\Winnt\ADAC-LVi.ini

Posted 6/4/2013 6:40:00 AM by Administrator