Logger file has wrong year (1600/1601)

The LGR-5325, LGR-5327 and LGR-5329 logger family uses the DAQLog software to create and load acquisition setups. The release of DAQLog version 1.1 contained a bug that might cause CVS data files to have an errantdate stamp. Some reported years of 1600 or 1601 when the time zones were set to something greater than or equal to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Also affected were the time stamps, as we got reports that indicated times being exactly an hour. This issue, however, did not affect the data so any collected with version 1.1 is correct. The good news is that the issue is fixed in DAQLog 1.1.1 and if the original logger dat files are revisited, new CVS files can be made that contain correct date/time stamps. Visit www.mccdaq.com/software.aspx  to download the newest version.

Posted 1/3/2013 5:13:54 AM by Brent