USB-2408 Series Product specific Examples for DAQFlex, VBNET

This file contains VB.NET examples demonstrating:
Analog In using a timer, data displayed to an analog meter,
Analog In using a timer, data displayed to a stripchart,
Temperature In using a timer, data displayed to a thermometer,
Analog In Scan, Background + Continuous, data displayed on a graph,
Analog Out single point, updated on a button click,
Analog Out Scan, using a waveform generator function, one period or streaming,
Digital In per Port,
Digital In per Bit,
Digital Out per Port,
Digital Out per Bit.

Included in the download is a DLL containing the graphics used above (Thermometer, Analog Meter, Stripchart, Oscilloscope (graph), and Function Generator)
Installation Instructions
Just download, unzip using the built in Windows tool to use these examples.
Systen Requirements
List the minimum system requirenebts in order to use this download.
• Windows XP, or newer
• DAQFlex 3.0
• Visual Studio 2008 or Visual C Sharp 2008

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