IOtech USB Communication Mode

Question: Does the IOtech DaqBoard3000/USB use Isochronous endpoints?


A device that use Isochronous Endpoints is more concerned about bandwidth and response times then it is with data validity. For example audio and video devices often use the Isochronous USB mode because data is usually transmitted at one rate and if some of the data is corrupt it tends not be as much of an issue especially with today's lossy compression modes. However with data acquisition device data validity is very important so they tend not to use the Isochronous USB mode. Therefore IOtech's PersonalDaq/50 Series, PersonalDaq/3000 Series does not use the Isochronous mode. Instead the modes that are used are Bulk mode for data transfers and Control mode for general I/O.

Posted 9/22/2011 5:23:24 AM by John