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DAQami support for Windows 11

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DAQami support for Windows 11

The DAQami program does have support for Windows 11 but, there is a catch. Installed by itself does not work and this is because it installs an older copy of InstaCal. Why does that matter? Because InstaCal installs tools that DAQami uses to make your hardware device available to use. With Windows 11 now out, our testing found that InstaCal was not compatible. This was corrected with the release of InstaCal 6.73, however the DAQami installation has yet to be updated to include InstaCal 6.73. Because of this, it is recommended to install both DAQami and the new version of InstaCal. InstaCal doesn't need to be removed ahead of time because the installation program will remove old components and replace them with new. If you already have DAQami installed, all that is need is to update InstaCal. One last note, this only applies to the single DAQami download on the Measurement Computing download page. If instead, the MCC DAQ Software CD is used, its version installs the update version of InstaCal that is included with the CD.

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