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DASYLab .NET Framework error for Measurement Computing driver.

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DASYLab .NET Framework error for Measurement Computing driver.

Ques: I have installed DASYLab 2016/2020 and have enabled the Measurement Computing driver v When I launch DASYLab I get an error that the ,NET Framework is required. I have the latest .NET Framework already installed. Is there an updated driver for DASYLab 2016/2020?

Ans: No, v14.0.0.477.en is the latest driver we offer. The issue at hand is that although you have the latest .NET Framework support installed, the Measurement Computing drivers for DASYLab requires v3.5 of the .NET Framework.

To enable the .NET Framework 3.5 please try the following:
  1. Go to your Control Panel>Programs and Features.
  2. Select Turn Windows Features on/off.
  3. Enable the .NET Framework 3.5 option shown below.

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