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Setting up a WebDAQ email alarm

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Setting up a WebDAQ email alarm

Setting up a WebDAQ to send emails upon an alarm can be a challenge.  In particular, allowing your email client to send an automated response.  With the ever increasing need for cyber security, trying to complete this setup can seem impossible.  You can find what you had working recently, doesn't works today.  

Measurement Computing recommends you work with your IT department when trying to successfully set up email alarming from your WebDAQ.

I had occasion to set up and test a WebDAQ using a Gmail account and got it to function.  See the email at the end that was sent to my work email account (though it could have been sent anywhere).  

Here is what I had to do.
First, you set up your WebDAQ to use your Gmail account for sending emails.  From the WebDAQ's home page, click on 'Device', 'Emails/SMS': 

 I already have one set up, if you do not, click on 'Create.' If you already have set this up, click on the Pencil icon to edit your settings.

      Name:  GMAIL
         Port: 587
       Email:  the Gmail address you want to use to send emails from your WebDAQ.
Password:  the password for the above Gmail address.
Click OK.

In the WebDAQ's Job Editor, at the Alarms tab, I created this configuration:

Click the icon for the Google account in the upper right hand corner of the browser window and select "Manage your Google Account".
Select “Security” from the options on the left hand side.
Scroll down to “Less secure app access” and turn on access.  This is not recommended by google, but it’s necessary for the account to work for WebDAQ.  This is why we suggest creating a separate email account just for this purpose rather than using a personal email account.  It is only the email account that emails come from on the WebDAQ device.
Email response from test:
-----Original Message-----
From: webdaq-XXX-XX <> 
Sent: Friday, November 13, 2020 11:54 AM
Subject: SafetyTesting Alarm 0 Occurred
This is a test of a gmail account on WebDAQ.
[2020-11-13 11:54:20:163] <SafetyTesting> Alarm: Alarm 0 occurred, trigger value: -0.0012517

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