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WebDAQ user interface hang during job edit - Beta firmware to...

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WebDAQ user interface hang during job edit - Beta firmware to resolve

October 23, 2020:

If your WebDAQ hangs when you attempt to edit one of your jobs, it may be due to a minor issue present in firmware versions 1.3.0 thru 1.3.2.  The issue is specific to using a certain 2 of the 6 analog triggers types: either Slope Positive or Slope Negative.  While the job will run OK, it may be doing so using a value of zero for the Low Threshold voltage, having allowed you to only set the High Threshold during the job's initial creation.
We now have a beta firmware 1.3.3 available for download from the link below.  After updating to beta 1.3.3, you will be able to edit the job, and you should be sure to set the desired value for the Low Threshold.

Eventually this fix will be incorporated into a formal release (which then would be available on our website's regular download location).

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