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Omni CD release 7.8.9 resolves field calibration error on the...

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Omni CD release 7.8.9 resolves field calibration error on the DT9857E-xAO

Why do I get an "Invalid Subsystem specified" error when I try and run the DT9857E-xAO device calibration utility?

The DT9857E-xAOs are a new subset of products of the DT9857E family of products.  Many customers do not need or use the analog outputs that the standard version supports. To save our customers money, MCC created the DT9857E-xAO model that no longer offers the analog output subsystem.

Earlier revisions of the Omni CD will continue to support your new DT9857E-xAO product as long as your program is not trying to access the analog subset system. However, when attempting to field calibrate your new DT9857E-xAO device you will receive an "Invalid Subsystem specified" error.

The solution is to upgrade your Omni CD to the latest 7.8.9 release which can be downloaded from here:

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