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DASYLab 2020 on high definition monitors

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DASYLab 2020 on high definition monitors

Using DASYLab with Windows 10 and a high-resolution monitor

This article will describe how to modify DASYLab's properties to display better on a UHD monitor running on Windows 10.

When opening DASYLab 2020 with the default settings, the bitmaps appear very small, and mostly illegible. Shown below is the full screen view of the DASYLab user interface, as installed on a Windows 10 system with a 4K UHD monitor. 

The function bar icons appear tiny and the text is very small.  This view was taken using a 13 inch UHD screen.  In short, it is illegible. 


To adjust this setting, with DASYLab closed, right click over the DASYLab icon on the desktop, and select Properties. This opens the DASYLab properties dialog box. 

Select the Compatibility tab, and click on Change high dpi settings button to open the sub DASYLab 2020 properties dialog allowing for “Choose the high DPI settings for this program.“

The bottom section shows the High DPI scaling override settings. Click the “Override high DPI scaling behavior” to add a check mark, and select “System.”

 Click OK to close all of the Properties boxes.  

 The result is the icons/modules and text now display in a larger, more readable size

This workaround should assist in making the DASYLab User Interface work better with 4K UHD monitors. 

The image below is the same 13 inch 4K UHD monitor after making the settings. 

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