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How to remove the Measurement Computing driver after DASYLab is...

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How to remove the Measurement Computing driver after DASYLab is uninstalled

Best way to remove the Measurement Computing DASYLab driver when you get the message that a "Newer version is already installed"

 To remove the MCC DASYLab driver if you have uninstalled DASYLab without disabling the MCC driver.

Applies to DASYLab 13, DASYLab 2016 and later

 First – if you can, DISABLE the Measurement Computing driver in the DASYLab Configurator prior to uninstalling DASYLab.

 If you uninstalled DASYLab, reinstalled it, and now cannot enable the Measurement Computing driver, you probably did not disable the MCC driver prior to uninstalling. The MCC driver is a hidden installer, and does not show in the Add/Remove Programs list.

  •  You must be an administrator to complete the following…
  •  Run Regedit and search in the registry to find out where the MCCDRV installer is stored. On my computer, the location is in the Registry section:
  •  Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\
  •  Locate this section, and search for “MCCDRV”. Verify that you have found the section for Measurement Computing Drivers for DASYLab.
  • See the image below for the two keys which will help you to uninstall the driver.


  1. Copy the Uninstall string and run it in a Command window.


  1. Copy the LocalPackage string and find the cached file in the Windows folder to run it.
    1. Windows creates a cache of uninstallers and renames them.
    2. The cached file is in a hidden folder: C:\Windows\Installer.
    3. Copy the path and file name and run it in a Commandwindow or navigate to the path, find the file, and run it

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