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1.08 Measure firmware resolves field calibration error on TC-32 &...

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1.08 Measure firmware resolves field calibration error on TC-32 & TC-32-EXP

In September 2019, MCC released ver 1.07 Measure firmware for the TC-32 and TC-32-EXP, to resolve an issue related to open-TC detection.  However, the 1.07 Measure firmware inadvertently causes the field calibration routine to not finish.   For those calibrating a TC-32 or TC-32-EXP unit in the field, the calibration may not complete, instead giving an error such as "Minimum offset value reached" or "Maximum Pre-calibration error reached".   

The solution is to update the unit to ver 1.08 Measure firmware, posted for download in December 2019.  The Measure firmware is common to both the TC-32 and TC-32-EXP (expansion model).   Also check to insure your TC-32's Comms firmware is also at ver 1.08 (this second firmware is not applicable to the TC-32-EXP).  A USB connection and the InstaCal utility are required to update either firmware.    Both ver 1.08 firmware files and update instructions (readme) files are located on our website here:

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