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IOtech PersonalDaq/54/55/56 DASYLab 2016 support

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IOtech PersonalDaq/54/55/56 DASYLab 2016 support

This article assumes that Personal DaqView program version 2.2.1 is installed and working. If need be, you can download the installation program from the following page:

The file is named PersonalDaqViewSetup_x86_x64.exe

Once this done, download the PersonalDaq55 DASYLab driver package attached at the bottom of this article. Copy it to C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2016\pool\packages\. Next, run DASYLab’s Configurator program, select the packages tab, open the section called Unsupported Drivers and enable the IOtech PersonalDAQ/5x Series driver. Exit the configurator, start DASYLab. The PersonalDaq support can be found on the menu item Modules-->Inputs/Outputs-->PersonalDaq.

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