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Is it possible to use a static IP without entering the WebDAQ's...

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Is it possible to use a static IP without entering the WebDAQ's settings webpage?

Yes, you can create a file on an SD card or memory stick/thumb drive named ethernet.conf
To override the settings on the unit, using Notepad or similar editor tp created this text file. 

mode <mode>
address <IP address>
netmask <netmask>
gateway <gateway>

Where mode is “static” or “DHCP” and the remaining items are IP addresses.  The address settings are not used when mode is set to DHCP.

For example:

mode static

With the power to the WebDAQ off, insert the SD card, memory stick, thumb drive with ethernet.conf file in root folder, and press the Power button to turn on the WebDAQ.

When WebDAQ finishes power up cycle, it will use

Note:  SD card with ethernet.conf must remain inserted in WebDAQ while running with this new address.

You can then call Ping from a terminal/CLI on the host system.

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