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Cannot load Data Translation USB device drivers, on Windows 10...

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Cannot load Data Translation USB device drivers, on Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise, when Secure Boot and Device Guard options are enabled; (Code 39)

As a result of new security measures being implemented on some systems running Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise edition, users may encounter that Windows is unable to load Data Translation device drivers, after connecting the USB data acquisition device to the system.   Currently there is only one confirmed scenario, with both of the following conditions being required:
> Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise
> Secure Boot and Device Guard options enabled in Windows Defender Security Center

> Secure Boot enabled in system's BIOS

In Windows' Device Manager, the 'DT-Open Layers Data Acquisition Device will report Code 39 (Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing.), in the device's Properties - General tab - Device Status.

Data Translation software installations, for the DT device drivers, include:  
> Data Translation OMNI CD v7.8.2 (or older),
> DT-Open Layers v7.8.2 (or older),
> DT-Open Layers OEM v7.8.2 (or older),
> LV-Link v3.10.0.0 (or older),
> QuickDAQ v3.7.0.46 (or older)

Measurement Computing software developers have identified a fix for this issue, and are working to implement it on each Data Translation USB driver.  Please visit our 'Data Acquisition Software/Driver Downloads' for Data Translation software release updates.

As a workaround for this issue, a user can disable the Secure Boot option in the BIOS, as well as disable the Secure Boot and Device Guard options in Windows Defender Security Center.

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