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Channel swapping behavior with a DT9816-S module at high sampling...

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Channel swapping behavior with a DT9816-S module at high sampling rates.

Channel swapping may occur when a DT9816-S module samples data across multiple analog input channels, at high sampling rates, and while connected to newer high performance PC's.

If using a DT9816-S module to acquire multiple channels at high sampling rates and you observe the data values from one channel shift over to the display on a different channel, then the FPGA on your DT9816-S module needs to be updated.  The acquisition should not continue to display the channel swapping behavior.  Instead, the software application (i.e. QuickDAQ) should stop the acquisition and alert the user with a FIFO overflow error.  The updated FPGA allows the hardware to correctly set the FIFO overflow flag bit.

Please contact Measurement Computing's Applications Engineering Group for a RMA #, before sending the product in for a FPGA update.  Customers outside the USA must contact their local distributor for a return procedure.

Phone: 508-946-5100 select option 2 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m - 5 p.m. Eastern Time)

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