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MCC 118 Performance Benchmarks

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MCC 118 Performance Benchmarks

A benchmark test is a test based upon a particular set of criteria to generate data that can be useful to others.
it is not the same as a published specification since it is not absolute to all systems using this device, but it does provide an idea what you should expect plus or minus some percentage.

In this KB article, the MCC 118 Voltage Measurement DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi® will be tested to give an idea of the throughput of single point analog reads from a single channel of a single device under test.

This benchmark is done using the following criteria:
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with 8GB SDRAM running RASPIAN OS
The test app was written in GNU GCC in Code:Blocks 16.01, GTK+ 3.0, and the daqhats 1.0 library.

The core of the test performs a tight loop executing the function mcc118_a_in_read() and increments a counter for 10 seconds.
Nothing is done with the data collected.  It is not viewed nor written to a file as that would reduce the maximum number of samples generated.
At the end of the test, the total is extrapolated for one second.
The test is run 3 times and the final results averaged.

Library Rev 
Library Function 
 MCC 118  1.00 mcc118_a_in_read   None listed  5946 5660  6278   5961.3

NOTE:  Your results may vary.

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