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A step by step instructions to get a daqhats C example to run...

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A step by step instructions to get a daqhats C example to run (after editing) in Geany

Geany (according to an article on Stack OverflowTM) doesn’t compile projects.  You can use a makefile to serve the same purpose.  
Happily, the software included with the MCC 118 includes all the makefiles and is accessible throught Geany.

Here are the steps:
  • Launch Geany, 
  • Click on File >> Open… to get to the Open file dialog box.
  • Click on Pi (on the left), then on the right side, double click daqhats folder >> examples folder >> c >> mcc118 >> continuous_scan >> continuous_scan.c, and select Open.
  • Scroll down to line 82, which should read:
Printf(“\nMCC 118 continuous scan example\n “);
  • Put your cursor on the end of that line and click [Enter] to insert a new line.
  • Entered the following:
Printf(“\n****I added a line here.**** \n”);
Just to make a benign change and something you can see when you run it.

  • Save the file with the change by clicking on File >> Save.
Or, if you installed your daqhats software (git clone using sudo), you will need to save it using Save As dialog box.  
To open the Save As dialog box, click on: File >> Save as.  
Now click on the Save button at the bottom, and then click Replace when prompted.
  • Now, click on Build>> Make 
  • And finally Build >> Execute or the paper airplane Icon.
When the app runs, you should see the above line inserted after like this:

MCC 118 continuous scan example
****I added a line here.****
     Functions demonstrated:
And so on.....

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