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USB-DIO32HS DInScan / DOutScan

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USB-DIO32HS DInScan / DOutScan

This is a simple 32 bit console application demonstrating device discovery, DInScan and DOutScan functionality. It was created in Visual Studio 2008 so when opening in a newer environment you will get warning that can be ignored. If you get an error check the project references for a possible error on the MCCDAQ.DLL reference. If it's marked as a problem, delete it and re-add it.

Below is the code, the full project is attach as a zip file.

'import statements help reduce line length and typing
Imports MccDaq
Imports MccDaq.ScanOptions
Imports MccDaq.ChannelType
Imports MccDaq.Range
Imports MccDaq.DigitalPortType
Imports MccDaq.FunctionType
Imports MccDaq.ErrorInfo.ErrorCode
Imports MccDaq.MccService
Imports System
Imports System.Convert
Imports System.Threading.Thread
Imports System.Timers
Imports System.IO

Module Module1

    Const BLOCKSIZE As Integer = 5000 'samples per channel
    Const SAMPLERATE As Integer = 1000 'desired sample rate
    'because the blocksize is 5 times greater than sample rate - input output scan time is 5 seconds

    Dim CurrentCount As Integer = 0 'indicates total samples taken
    Dim CurrentIndex As Integer = 0 'points to the last scan read

    Dim Status As Short = 0

    Dim DaqBoard As MccBoard 'device object
    Dim memHandle As IntPtr
    Dim ret As ErrorInfo

    Sub Main()

        Dim ret As MccDaq.ErrorInfo
        Dim str As String = "USB-DIO32HS"
        Dim cki As ConsoleKeyInfo = New ConsoleKeyInfo

        MccService.ErrHandling(ErrorReporting.DontPrint, ErrorHandling.DontStop)


        Dim bNum As Integer = -1
        Dim BoardNum As Integer = 0
        'get the device inventory to discover the device
        'doing it this way you don't need to run InstCal but you do need it installed
        Dim inventory As MccDaq.DaqDeviceDescriptor() = MccDaq.DaqDeviceManager.GetDaqDeviceInventory(DaqDeviceInterface.Any)
        Dim numDevDiscovered As Integer = inventory.Length
        If numDevDiscovered > 0 Then
            For BoardNum = 0 To numDevDiscovered - 1
                Dim daq As MccDaq.MccBoard = DaqDeviceManager.CreateDaqDevice(BoardNum, inventory(BoardNum))
                If daq.BoardName = "USB-DIO32HS" Then
                    bNum = BoardNum
                End If
                Exit For
        End If

        If (bNum > -1) Then
            DaqBoard = New MccBoard(bNum) 'get the device object
        End If

        'set digital port 0 to output
        ret = DaqBoard.DConfigPort(AuxPort0, DigitalPortDirection.DigitalOut)
        If ret.Value <> MccDaq.ErrorInfo.ErrorCode.NoErrors Then
        End If

        'set digital port 1 to input
        ret = DaqBoard.DConfigPort(AuxPort1, MccDaq.DigitalPortDirection.DigitalIn)
        If ret.Value <> MccDaq.ErrorInfo.ErrorCode.NoErrors Then
        End If

        'allocate driver memory
        memHandle = MccService.WinBufAllocEx(BLOCKSIZE)

        Dim rate As Integer = SAMPLERATE

        'read data from port 1
        Console.WriteLine("Reading port 1...will take 5 seconds")

        ret = DaqBoard.DInScan(AuxPort1, BLOCKSIZE, rate, memHandle, Background)
        If ret.Value <> MccDaq.ErrorInfo.ErrorCode.NoErrors Then Stop

            ret = DaqBoard.GetStatus(Status, CurrentCount, CurrentIndex, MccDaq.FunctionType.DiFunction)
        Loop Until (Status = 0)


        'transfer data to local buffer
        Dim data(BLOCKSIZE) As UShort
        ret = MccService.WinBufToArray(memHandle, data, 0, BLOCKSIZE)
        If ret.Value <> MccDaq.ErrorInfo.ErrorCode.NoErrors Then Stop

        Dim i As Integer
        'print a few points
        Console.WriteLine("printing 256 values")
        For i = 0 To 256
            Console.Write("{0},", data(i))

        'make some data to output
        Dim angle As Double = 6.28318 / BLOCKSIZE
        Dim value As Double
        For i = 0 To BLOCKSIZE
            value = (System.Math.Sin(angle * i) + 1) * 65535 / 2
            data(i) = System.Convert.ToUInt16(value)

        'write the data to the driver
        ret = MccService.WinArrayToBuf(data, memHandle, 0, BLOCKSIZE)
        If ret.Value <> MccDaq.ErrorInfo.ErrorCode.NoErrors Then Stop

        Console.WriteLine("Sending buffer out port 0...will take 5 seconds")

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