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Configuring a Windows system to use Data Translation hardware...

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Configuring a Windows system to use Data Translation hardware with MATLAB R2017b

Support for the 64-bit Data Acquisition Toolbox driver for Data Translation hardware began with MATLAB version R2016a.  For previous MATLAB releases (R2015 and older), Data Translation hardware was only supported with 32-bit versions of MATLAB via a 32-bit legacy daq adaptor (‘dtol’) for MATLAB.    The following information will enable a user with a Data Translation data acquisition device to use MATLAB R2017b (64-bit sessions).

Prior to launching MATLAB R2017b, a Data Translation data acquisition device must be connected to and recognized by a Windows system.  Using Windows’ Control Panel – Programs and Features, verify that ‘Data Translation Open Layers’ v7.8.2 (or newer) is installed on the system.  If this software is missing, then download and install Data Translation’s OMNI CD v7.8.2 (or newer), from MCC’s website.

Next, connect a Data Translation device to the target system and use Windows’ Control Panel – Open Layers Control Panel applet to verify that the device is recognized by the system.

Close the Control Panel windows and then launch MATLAB R2017b (or newer).  Once in MATLAB, select the 'HOME' tab.  Click on the 'Add-Ons' option followed by 'Get Hardware Support Packages'.

If you need to install MATLAB's Data Acquisition Toolbox package, clear the search field and enter ‘data acquisition toolbox’.  (Note:  the Data Acquisition Toolbox package requires an additional license from MathWorks.)

Next, enter ‘Data Translation’ in the search field to find and then install the 'Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Data Translation Hardware'.

After both packages have been installed, close the Add-On Explorer.  Once again from the 'HOME' tab, in MATLAB, click on the 'Add-Ons' option, but this time select 'Manage Add-Ons'.  You should at least have the 'Data Acquisition Toolbox' and 'Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Data Translation Hardware' installed.

Next, close the Add-On Manager and enter ‘ver’ in the Command Window.  The result should list your version of MATLAB and the 'Data Acquisition Toolbox'.

Next, enter ‘v = daq.getVendors’, in the Command Window.  MATLAB should return ‘dt’ as a vendor.

Next, enter ‘d = daq.getDevices’ and MATLAB will return a list of installed Data Translation devices.

You are now ready to begin developing your application in MATLAB.  If you are new to MATLAB, please reference the MathWorks website for learning resources.  Else, press the F1 key to open MATLAB’s Help.  You can then search MATLAB’s documentation and/or the Data Acquisition Toolbox documentation.

Helpful links

The Data Translation DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB user manual (UMDAQAdaptor.pdf) covers both the 64-bit sessions and 32-bit legacy adaptor.

Archive link to both the 32-bit legacy and the 64-bit sessions adaptors.

Data Translation OMNI CD -
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MCC and DT supported hardware -

DT supported hardware for 32-bit MATLAB -

DT supported hardware for 64-bit MATLAB -

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