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Two Channel Analog Output Example Using LV-Link3 and LabVIEW

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Two Channel Analog Output Example Using LV-Link3 and LabVIEW

Data Translation’s LV-Link3 software includes a example.  This example is compatible with Data Translation devices that support continuous analog output (i.e. DT9812, DT9813, DT9814, DT9818, DT9832, DT9834, DT9836, DT9837A, DT9853, DT9854, DT9857E Series, and DT9862).

With this original example, a user can specify a single analog output channel, the waveform type, an amplitude, a requested output frequency, and samples per buffer, in order to output a single waveform signal.

The following example was created by modifying the example.  It allows a user to configure two analog output waveforms.

In the vi’s block diagram view (below), notice the following changes:
> an additional was added for the second analog output channel,
> the waveform data of both Waveform data type wires, from both’s, was extracted (1D arrays) to create a 2D array for the,
> the was changed from “From Waveform” to “Set Output Timing”,
> the’s Sample Mode was set to ‘Resend One Buffer’, 
> the was changed from “Waveform” (Write Single Channel) to “NChan NSamp”, and
> a was added to explicitly start the task.

(NOTE: The attached example was created with LV-Link3 v3.10.0.0 and LabVIEW 2013.)

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