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Modifying the static IP address of a DT8837 with Internet...

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Modifying the static IP address of a DT8837 with Internet Explorer

To modify the static IP address of a DT8837 via Internet Explorer (versions greater than 8.0), use the Configuration menu option on the left side and click on LAN.  Next, click on the MODIFY button and enter the user and password when prompted (admin is the default entry for both).  If you click on the STATIC IP address option, the IP field cannot be edited.

Press the F12 key to view the ‘F12 Develop Tools’ in Internet Explorer and then click on the EMULATION menu option.  Select ‘7’ (or ‘8’) as the Document Mode and then refresh the web page.  Next, click on the STATIC IP address option, edit the IP field, and then click on ‘Save changes’.

A message window will prompt the user asking to save changes and inform the user that the device may reboot.  Click the OK button and webpage notifies the user that the “device will reboot automatically”.  Once the LAN and Power LEDs on the front panel of the DT8837 instrument are green, then press the F5 key to refresh the webpage.

Next, configure the instrument’s acquisition settings and then click on Acquisition from the left side menu.  Click on the ‘A/D Start’ button to acquire and display new data.

Next, if you have difficulties viewing the acquisition plot area, verify that the Windows system has Java version 8 (or earlier) installed.

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