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Download and compile our third party Linux drivers for MCC...

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Download and compile our third party Linux drivers for MCC Ethernet devices

Intended Audience

This document is intended for the application developer familiar with both MCC DAQ devices and Linux programming, and who is interested in acquiring data on a Linux platform.  

Step 1 Downloading the driver.

You can download the latest MCCLIBETH directly from GitHub by typing: 

git clone

Step 2 Compiling the driver.

a) cd Linux_drivers/Ethernet<Enter>

b) make<Enter>

d) sudo make install <Enter>

f) Type ls<Enter> to list all of the files


Note: MCC Ethernet devices require a connection through a network router. 

Step 3 - Running Example test app with an MCC DAQ device

Now you are ready to run some of the examples. If you are no longer in the mcc-ethernet directory for MCC Ethernet DAQ devices, navigate back by typing cd mcc-ethernet <Enter>.

        a) Plug in your MCC Ethernet DAQ.

        b) Type ./test-E-1608<IP ADDR>  <Enter>

        c) The test app will display a list of tests that you can perform.

d) Execute any one of the commands by typing the letter and then hitting <Enter>

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A special thanks to Warren Jasper, PhD, PE, Professor and Textile Engineering Program Director at North Carolina State University. Dr. Jasper remains instrumental to the development and support of Linux drivers for Measurement Computing USB and PCI DAQ devices. We applaud his tireless efforts and dedication to the Linux community. Without his work and continued support, this article and application would not have been possible. 

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