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MCCDAQ CD software compatible with Windows 10

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MCCDAQ CD software compatible with Windows 10

In November 2015, MCC released version 6.51 of the MCCDAQ CD software suite, adding official support for Windows 10.  You can download this software for free from the download page of our website, MCCDAQ.COM.   This updated software includes InstaCal / Universal Library 6.51, ULx 2.13 for NI LabVIEW, and TracerDAQ 2.3.3.   A separate download for just InstaCal 6.51 is also available.   TracerDAQ PRO users can log in to download the latest version, 2.3.3, free of charge.

If you happen to have tried an older version of MCCDAQ software with Windows 10, and had a DAQ from one of the series listed below, you may have experienced the following issue:   the DAQ hardware could hang if the PC was rebooted with the DAQ connected.  The previous workaround was to cycle the USB connection after the PC was fully booted.  Version 6.51 software completely resolves this issue.   

USB-1208HS series         
USB-1608G series       
USB-2600 series         
USB-CTR series

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