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DASYLab Driver for Measurement Computing MCC-DRV V13.3

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DASYLab Driver for Measurement Computing MCC-DRV V13.3

The DASYLab MCC-DRV V13.3 update to the driver includes new hardware support and bug fixes, as well as enhancing the driver based on feedback from our customers. Extensive work has been done to fully support the USB-CTRxx products.

The driver ships in two variants:

            Measurement Computing MCC-DRV English

            Measurement Computing MCC-DRV German

The following hardware support is added in this release.

  • E-1608
  • USB-CTR04
  • USB-CTR08

Counter support is shown in the chart below.


The Measurement Computing Driver for DASYLab provides online help content that is integrated within the DASYLab application. The online help content includes descriptions for the Hardware and Measurement Setup dialogs along with descriptions for each Module parameter dialog. Each of these dialogs will contain a help button that will bring the user to the appropriate online help page. In addition to the online help for DASYLab, there are also links to the Universal Library online help, product manuals on the MCC website and driver revision information available from the application Help menu.

System Requirements:

Required software

Component                                  Product Revision

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Universal Library    6.34
DASYLab 13.0


Minimum PC requirements

The driver requires DASYLab 13.0 which requires the following minimum system requirements.

    • Computer with an x86 compatible processor, 1 GHz or more with at least 1 GB of RAM, 2 GB recommended. 
    • Graphics adapter with color depth 24 or 32 bits (True Color) with a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels. Note dual or multiple monitor configurations are not fully supported. 
    • At least 250 MB free hard drive space, of which at least 200 MB is on the system partition. 
    • Mouse or other Windows pointing device. Note that Windows 8 “gestures” are not supported.

Hardware Requirements:

The complete list of supported devices can be found at


The Measurement Computing Driver for DASYLab installation is a DASYLab Configurator package, zipped into a self-extracting executable.

There are 2 files:          MCC English (mcc.

                        MCC German (

Download and run the selected file. The file will prompt to Add package to the DASYLab Configurator.

The WinZip Self-Extractor screen will prompt:

Click Unzip. The DASYLab Configurator will prompt with this:

It will open the Configurator. Select the Packages tab, open the Data acquisition group to enable the updated driver

If the current driver is already enabled, this message is displayed:

Click on Yes and then click OK at the bottom. The uninstaller will run to remove the previous version before starting the new installer.

If the previous version was not enabled, click OK at the bottom and the installer will start without a prompt.

If you have any questions or problems with this driver update, please contact us directly. 

Please note that you must first DISABLE this driver in the DASYLab 13.0 Configurator prior to uninstalling DASYLab 13.0 from your computer. 

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