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USB-200 Series firmware update for software polled analog input...

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USB-200 Series firmware update for software polled analog input issue

MCC has discovered an issue with the firmware in USB-200 Series devices that can result in incorrect analog input data in specific situations.  In certain use cases, analog input (AI) data can be mistakenly represented as -5 V; this data aberration occurs, on average, every 25,000 data points.

This issue is only seen in certain use cases that acquire analog signals using software timing (single point acquisition in a loop). It does not affect hardware-timed applications nor does it affect TracerDAQ, TracerDAQ PRO, or DAQami acquisitions.

This issue affects all USB-200 Series devices delivered before June 12, 2014 with firmware revision less than 1.03.

Use cases that are affected:   
Custom applications using AIn or Vin (SW-timed analog input) for analog input
LabVIEW applications acquiring AI data without timing invoked. (SWtimed)
DASYLab application using software pacing for the AI module

Use cases that are not affected:
Custom applications using cbAInScan (HW-timed analog input) for analog input
LabVIEW applications acquiring AI data with timing invoked (HW-timed)
DASYLab applications using hardware pacing for the AI module
TracerDAQ, TracerDAQ PRO

Corrective Action for USB–201, USB–201-OEM, USB-204, USB-204-OEM
 Replace Software-Timing with Hardware Timing. Many SW-timed acquisition applications can be modified
 Return the device to the factory for Firmware Update

Corrective Action for USB-202, USB-205, USB-202-OEM, USB-205-OEM
 Update Firmware using InstaCal.   Go to the firmware download page on MCC's website and download the USB-202/205 firmware from the list and follow the instructions contained within the readme file.

MCC apologizes for any inconvenience this issue has caused. If you have any questions or concerns please contact MCC for support.

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