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Installing InstaCal in silent mode

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Installing InstaCal in silent mode

This KB article explains how to silently install InstaCal, but it does not run InstaCal. Running InstaCal cannot be done in a silent mode. However, depending on your application and MCC hardware, you can copy your configuration file (CB.CFG) to the target computer.

To get started, you will need third party software to extract the InstaCal MSI installer from our download. I used 7-Zip - they can be found at

Install 7-Zip and follow the on screen prompts.

Download the InstaCal installer from our website:

This file is actually a zipped file set to execute. To unzip it into its component parts, run 7-Zip, select the file, and then click on Extract. When it is finished, 7-Zip will create a new folder in the folder where you put Icalsetup.exe, containing the following files and folders:

Documents (folder)
Driver (folder)
Drivers64 (Folder)

You will need all these files for InstaCal to function correctly.

To launch InstaCal silently, call it via command line syntax:

InstaCal.msi /qn

There are many command line Windows© installer options you can use, though this application note does not address them, you can see what they are by typing in the command line: InstaCal.msi /?

Please consult Windows© Installer SDK for additional documentation on the command line syntax.

Other silent mode operations:

Swapping an MCC device and not having to run InstaCal every time.

This works for USB-1208LS. USB-1208FS, USB-1408FS, USB-1024ls/HLS, USB-1608FS, USB-ERB24, and most other HID devices. This application note uses the USB-DIO96H as an example.

There is a way around having to run InstaCal every time you swap a USB-DIO96H. However, it will only work if you have ONLY ONE USB-DIO96H in the system. If you have more than one unit then this will not work and you must run InstaCal to change the unit/update the serial number.

To do this, you will need to manually update the InstaCal configuration file called CB.CFG. For Windows XP, it is located in C:\Program files\Measurement Computing\DAQ folder.

Open it with Notepad.exe or a similar text editor.
Look for this line:

Misc Option[16]: xxx (where xxx is an integer between 1 and 255.)

Change the integer to 0 and exit the file. DO NOT RUN INSTACAL!

If you do, it will delete the device stating that unit is no longer installed and replace it with the unit that is attached. Basically removing what you have just accomplished.

What setting Misc Option[16] to 0 does is it informs the driver that it should use any USB-DIO96H it finds and ignore the serial number. But again, this only works for one device of this type. If you add another, it would not know which one to use.

Once this is done, you can never run InstaCal again as it will destroy this change. Just run your program.

Also do not update the unit to be serial number 0 as it will then need to come back here for reprogramming.

You can also take this newly edited CB.CFG file and deploy it to another computer.

Note for newer products, such as the USB-1608G series and USB-200 series, you set Misc Option[0] to Misc Option [3] (all four of them) to -1.

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