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How to write ChartView data to Excel

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How to write ChartView data to Excel

The ChartView 2.6 program comes with an Excel add-in called ViewXL.xla. This file is put into the Windows folder when ChartView is installed. Basically what ViewXL does is, from within Excel, it starts up ChartView and controls via remote control - sort of speak. It is used to read data directly into Excel. To use this feature access the Add-in options found in Excel - on this dialog browse to the Windows folder and select the Add-in. After, on the menu bar there should appear an Add-in menu selection (Excel 2007 & Excel 2010). It is important to note that the ChartView 2.6 (current download) does not contain the newest version of ViewXL. This is because the product line was discontinued. Fortunately, ViewXL is used elsewhere so there is a newer version, that is attached as download - see below. For more information regarding ViewXL refer to your hardware user manual.

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