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NI LabVIEW Temperature measurement for USB-2416 & USB-2408

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NI LabVIEW Temperature measurement for USB-2416 & USB-2408

The ULx temperature example [ULx Acq Temperature Sample] works with devices that have dedicated temperature channels. Channels that can be both temperature or voltage do not work. Primarily, the USB-2416 and USB-2408 series devices fall into this category. To work around this issue, this article provides an example specifically for the USB-2416 and USB-2408 series. Refer to the attachment below. The example can be used to measure both voltage and temperature - just change the channel type in InstaCal. 

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USB-2408TCandVolts_LV85.llb USB-2408TCandVolts_LV85.llb (28.84 KB, 1,897 views)

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