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How to setup DASYLab to work with PersonalDaq 54, 55 or 56

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How to setup DASYLab to work with PersonalDaq 54, 55 or 56

This article refers to the PersonalDaq/54, PersonalDaq/55 and PersonalDaq/56 using the general term PDaq

There are three installations that are needed to use the PDaq inside the DASYLab 12 & 13 software. The first one is obviously DASYLab however, you will also need the Personal DaqView software along with the DASYLab Support files. For these two installations, refer to the files attached to this article. The two files are installations and can be run with a simple double click of the mouse. Once you have installed all three pieces of software, plug the PDaq into the USB port and launch DASYLab. For XP users you will have to finish the device installation when the Add New Hardware Wizard pops up. With the hardware installed run DASYLab and the support will be located under the menus:

For DASYLab 2016 & 2020 users, in addition to the above procedure, copy the attached file called IOtechPDAQ5x. to the following folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2016\pool\packages\

Next, run the Configurator 2016 or 2020 program, select Packages and open the section called Unsupported Driver. In there you find the DASYLab PDaq driver. Enable it and exit the Configurator.

After you should have the following menus

Measurement->Hardware Setup
Measurement->Acquisition Setup

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IOtechPDAQ5x. IOtechPDAQ5x. (114.59 KB, 768 views)

dasylabpdaq5xsetup.exe dasylabpdaq5xsetup.exe (7.87 MB, 1,714 views)

pdaqviewsetup_x86_x64.exe pdaqviewsetup_x86_x64.exe (22.77 MB, 1,584 views)

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