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Why don't my hardware channels show up in LabVIEW?

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Why don't my hardware channels show up in LabVIEW?

On a development PC using LabVIEW and ULx, here are the most likely causes for why your hardware channels are not populated into the drop-down list of physical channels (i.e. the channel list input to the ULx Create Virtual Channel VI):

1) You never ran InstaCal (inscal32.exe) to have your DAQ hardware recognized and configured.

2) You had InstaCal and LabVIEW open at the same time.  Close both all the way, and only open one at a time.  Once hardware is properly recognized/listed in InstaCal, you will not need to run InstaCal again.

3) Your DAQ hardware is unplugged (not presently connected to the PC).

4) Your hard drive has multiple copies of the driver file named CBW32.DLL.   Search the entire hard drive, including hidden folders, and delete all copies except the one in:   C:\Program Files\Measurement Computing\DAQ

5) Your hard drive has multiple copies of CB.CFG due to Win7 O/S’s Virtual Store.    Search the entire hard drive, including hidden folders.   The valid file should be located in  C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ Windows may be put backup of the file in C:\Users\YourUserAccountName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ    Delete all copies, and then re-run InstaCal.  InstaCal will make a new CB.CFG.   Confirm it is in (or move it to) the location it should be in.

6) Possibly there is a mismatch between InstaCal and ULx versions on the same PC.  We recommend installing both InstaCal and ULx from the same physical or downloaded MCCDAQ CD.     

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