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PersonalDaq 54, 55, 56 Dot Net Example Programs

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PersonalDaq 54, 55, 56 Dot Net Example Programs

The PersonalDaq 50 series device traditionally used a 32 bit Windows DLL to interface to the system drivers. This DLL used standard DLL function calls which worked well up to Visual Studio 6.0. When Microsoft came out with the Dot Net environment they introduced safe programming environments so that any one program could not bring down the entire system. Unfortunately, IOtech never released updated programming support for the Dot Net environment. To remedy this problem, we in technical support wrote a PDaqX class that can be used to create VB and CSharp programs. The PDaqX class is written using Visual Studio 2008. To use PDaqX you will include the PDaqX class in your project. Attached to this article is a zip file that contains both VB and CSharp example projects. Be aware that this is not a complete driver but it will allow you get data into your program.

The attached Code or Example is provided As Is.  It has not been tested or validated as a product, for use in a deployed application or system, or for use in hazardous environments.  You assume all risks for use of the Code or Example.

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PersonalDaq5x DotNet PersonalDaq5x DotNet (731.39 KB, 1,275 views)

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