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USB-1608G Series firmware and software upgrades fix A/D data...

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USB-1608G Series firmware and software upgrades fix A/D data issues

We are advising all our USB-1608G series customers to update their device to the latest firmware v1.09, and also update their software driver, to resolve A/D data issues.  MCC has discovered issues in the USB-1608G series that could result in incorrect data returned to the user in three specific use cases:

  • Incorrect A/D channel read:
    • Reading A/D channels 8 to 15 using either the Universal Library function cbAIn or the DAQFlex AI component can return data from a different channel.
  • Inaccurate first A/D sample:
    • Changing the A/D channel number but not changing the range, when using the Universal Library function cbAIn, can result in a settling time error on the first sample.
  • Erroneous full scale A/D readings
    • Acquiring A/D data may produce erroneous spikes in returned data set, independent of software function/package used.

Updating the firmware to 1.09, in conjunction with updating to the latest driver software, resolves these three use cases along with an intermittent problem with stopping background scans when using some software packages such as DASYLab or LabVIEW on Windows XP.

Upgrading your firmware is quite simple and takes only a couple of minutes. To obtain the new firmware file & the instructions for upgrading, go to the Tech Support section of MCC's website, and select "Firmware Updates".

In addition to updating the firmware, you must also update your software to the latest revision.  The software, at each power-up, loads an FPGA file into the hardware.  As of this writing (November 2012), the latest FPGA rev is 0.42, which is loaded by using Universal Library / InstaCal ver 6.25.  Be sure to uninstall the older version of the software first, before installing 6.25.  DAQFlex users will need to use at least version 3.3.   To obtain the latest software, go to the Tech Support section of MCC's website, and select "Software/Drivers Downloads".   

Note also that the unit's calibration will not be affected by either the firmware or software upgrade (i.e. no need to re-calibrate).

Affected models:   USB-1608G, USB-1608GX, USB-1608GX-2AO

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