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What plug do I need to connect my own power supply to the...

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What plug do I need to connect my own power supply to the Personal Daq?

Some customers want to provide auxiliary power to the Personal Daq using theirown power supply. This is no problem as long as the customer's power supplymeets the specifications of 6 to 16V, 500mA.

Of course, the customer alsoneeds a plug to connect the power supply to the Personal Daq. The simplest wayto get one is to take one of our TR-2 power supplies, remove the power supplyitself and replace it with their own.

If the customer wants to purchasetheir own plug, they should be aware that the female connector on the PersonalDaq is a Switchcraft RAPC-712 jack. According to the Switchcraft web site (, the mating plug has a part number of 760. You would haveto use that type of plug (or the equivalent) to make up a cable to connect totheir own power supply.

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