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Missing DaqView windows or screens

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Missing DaqView windows or screens

Question: How do I fix the "Minimized Window" problem?  When I start DaqView the "splash screen" comes up and the DaqView window is minimized.  If  I right-click on the DaqView icon [in the task bar]and select "Restore," the normal window still does not appear.

Answer:  When this happens the DaqView window is actually"restored," but its position is out of the display screen's range.  You can correct the problem as follows:

  1. Start DaqView.
  2. Right-click on the DaqView icon [in your task bar].  Note that "restore" might be grayed-out.
  3. Select "Move" with a left-click and without moving the mouse; then take your hand off the mouse.
  4. Press any of the four arrow keys on your keyboard.
  5. Move the mouse until you see the window [or an outline of the window]; and move it to wherever you want it.
  6. Left-click.  The DaqView window should appear normal.
  7. Resize and relocate the window as desired.
  8. Select "Save" from the File menu.  This will save the new window configuration for size and location.

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