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Changing the power up state of the digital IO on the USB-1608FS...

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Changing the power up state of the digital IO on the USB-1608FS


With your USB-1608FS unplugged, and the unit lying on its back, unscrew the 3 screws using a #1 Philips head screw driver, and lift off the rear cover.


Hold the unit so that the USB connector is on the RIGHT side and you can see the LED.


Just above the screw terminals on the right side, you’ll see a row of surface mount diodes with reference designations D14 through D20.  Just to the left of D20 is R1 the 0 Ohm shunt resistor used to pull all the digital IO of the USB-1608FS up or down.


This is 0 Ohm shunt resistor has printing on the board for HI and LO.  The default position is set to HI, or pull up, so that when the USB-1608FS powers up, the digital bits all power up to +5VDC.  To set the bits to power up to 0VDC, you must move the 0 Ohm shunt to the LO position.  You do this by carefully moving the 0 Ohm shunt with a soldering iron from the HI position to the LO position.


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