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Can I use Borland C/C++ with the Universal Library?

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Can I use Borland C/C++ with the Universal Library?

Beginning with Universal Library version 6.10 (when 64 bit support was added), MCC no longer provided a LIB file for Borland C++.   CBW32.LIB and CBW64.LIB are for Microsoft C/C++ compilers only.

However, you can still create your own LIB file, using a tool provided with your Borland / Embarcadero compiler.   The name of the tool varies, but historically it was called implib.exe.  Please refer to your compiler's documentation for the name of the tool and the command line instruction.  A LIB file is specific (made for) a particular version of a DLL.  Be sure to reference the version of CBW32.DLL that is installed already by InstaCal.

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