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64 bit software for the PersonalDaq 5x (54,55,56) Series

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64 bit software for the PersonalDaq 5x (54,55,56) Series

The current offering of Personal DaqView (including the current CD) contains software for 32 bit operating systems, which includes the 32 bit versions of the following: Windows 2000, XP,Vista and Windows7. Now there is a 64 bit release however, it is offered only as a download and is attached to this article. You may also need PostView and you can get that by visiting the FTP page

If using the PDaqViewXL Add-in, you must use a 32 bit version of Excel as 64 bit versions will not work.  

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pdaqviewsetup_x86_x64.exe pdaqviewsetup_x86_x64.exe (22.77 MB, 1,949 views)

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