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DaqBoard/2000 and new computers

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DaqBoard/2000 and new computers

Originally, the DaqBoard/1000 and DaqBoard/2000 series were 5V boards and work in both 33 MHz and 66MHz slots assuming they’re PCI v2.1 compliant. However, on PCI v2.3 (or greater) they are not supported because PCI v2.3 does not support 5V only adapters. May, 2005 IOtech Engineering announced that they have revised the design to be universal cards. That is, the cards will be slotted (2 slots on the PCI connector) so that they can be inserted in PCI 2.3 or earlier and work with either 3.3V or 5V power levels.

It is easy to check if your card will work in newer PC and that is to look for two slots on the edge card connector. If the card has one slot you can try it in a two slot connector but chances are it won't be recognized by the driver.

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