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How to check the frequency (counter) input

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How to check the frequency (counter) input

The following is a quick test you can do to verify your frequency inputs:

  1. Assuming the device supports frequency output such as the timer output on the PersonalDaq/3000, connect a wire from the Timer 0 (T0) to Counter 0 (CT0).
  2. Start DaqView and select File->New, which will reinitialize the setup file.
  3. Locate CNT0 (counter 0) in the channel list and set the TYPE cell to Frequency mode and the units to Hz.
  4. Access the counter properties by selecting the Device->Configure Hardware Setting dialog – Select Counters from the Advanced features section.
  5. Set the Debounce Time to 500nS and the Tick Duration to 208.3 nS the press OK.
  6. Now press C/T Icon button and change the counter to a frequency output by selecting Square Wave Generator Output.
  7. Set Channel 0 to 500Hz and press Execute.
  8. Start DaqView by pressing the Play button – you should read 500Hz on CNT0. Change the frequency on Timer 0 to 1000Hz and CNT0 should read very close to 1000Hz, and so….

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