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DASYLab IEEE488 example

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DASYLab IEEE488 example

Question: Do you have any DASYLab examples for getting data from IEEE488 instruments?

Answer: It is generally very difficult to have a 'one size fits all' example for this type of application. This is because it needs to be very specific to the application, the command set specific to the particular device, and the way any particular device might get used. It is generally about making devices and DASYLab get along with each other, which often requires programming for both sides of communication.

Below is an example of an IEEE488 DASYLab module used to collect data from an IOtech ADC488/xxx device. The trick is getting termination and format in sync with the device. In the case below, data channels are separated with '\r' which is a carriage return (ASCII 13). Both the ADC488/xxx in the 'Start Commands' and DASYLab in the 'Format String' have been programmed for ASCII data separated with carriage returns. No commands (in 'Data Request') are configured for any channels other than the first which gets all 8 configured channels as was configured in the 'Start Commands' section for the device. 'Data Request' is blank for channels 1 thru 7 while channels thru 6 all have a format string of 'a\r'. The last channel 7 terminates with a '\n' to indicate a 'new line' character (ASCII 10). This character marks the end of that IEEE488 bus transaction with a format string of 'a\n' instead of 'a\r' like the rest of the channels. So, DASYLab basically programs the device in 'Start Commands' (only once) such that responses triggered by commands in 'Data Request' will subsequently conform to its specified channel format strings.

An output only module is similar but a little simpler since no format strings are necessary for telling DASYLab how to interpret responses.

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