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DASYLab - Time does not show up correctly in Excel

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DASYLab - Time does not show up correctly in Excel


I save my DASYLab data into a DASYLab ASCII file. As recommended, I use <TAB> for the separator and I select "DATE+TIME" for the time stamp.

When I look at the data in Excel, it does not display the hours in the cell. The same data in a TEXT EDITOR, shows that the time is intact.


Excel doesn't default to hh:mm:ss format when the time includes decimals. In the above case, the data was sampled at two samples/sec, creating a fractional second.

Change the Excel cell format from the default to a custom format


Excel supports up to 3 decimals, using hh:mm:ss.000, as you can see below. Sample rates above 1000 samples/second will not display correctly in Excel.

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